I mentioned earlier …
I mentioned earlier about the EU giving Hussein his last last last chance. Well Taranto’s “Best of the Web Today” for February 19th, goes even further than that, giving us a good history lesson on “last” chances.

This Is Your Last Last Last Last Last Chance

“Hussein will be given ‘a last chance to comply before he gets clobbered,’ The New York Times on Monday quoted an unidentified U.S. official as saying.”–CNN.com, Jan. 27, 1998

“Annan Admits Iraq Trip Could Be Last Chance for Peace”–CNN.com, Feb. 18, 1998

“Clinton: Iraq Has Abused Its Last Chance”–CNN.com, Dec. 16, 1998

“The White House suggested Wednesday that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has missed his ‘last chance’ to disarm.”–CNN.com, Dec. 18, 2002

“Future European Union members endorsed a joint declaration Tuesday warning Saddam Hussein he has one last chance to disarm.”–Associated Press, Feb. 18, 2003

Aren’t five years worth of “last chances” enough? It’s time to cut the nonsense and rush to war.

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