As I type this, Pres…
As I type this, President Bush is announcing that the UN has unanimously passed a resolution telling Iraq to disarm or face the “serious consequences”. It is nice to know that the UN, after 10 or so years, has decided that perhaps their words actually have meaning. Of course, if/when Iraq goes against this new resolution (and given their track record, “when” is quite likely), then we’ll see exactly how much meaning. But until then, the crowd that said we should only go to war if we get UN backing should pipe down and watch things unfold. (I imagine, though, that they’ll pipe right back up should Hussein limit the inspections. They’re his best allies.)

Some have asked why we’re going after Hussein, when other countries have weapons of mass destruction, like North Korea’s nukes. The answer is simple, and should be obvious, especially to the aforementioned UN-backing crowd: Hussein had been officially given notice after our coalition pushed him back inside his borders that he had to disarm. Part of the terms of surrender was disarmament, and he hasn’t followed through. When terrorism ties were found, it gave us even more reason to want to insure he didn’t get into the WMD-export biz. Those who suggest that George Jr. is getting revenge for his dad are conveniently ignoring the agreement Saddam signed, which is why their whole position on the war question can and should be dismissed; they hand-wave the important facts and replace them with glib catch-phrases. Intellectual dishonesty has no place in a debate about so serious a subject.

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