A story about how th…
A story about how the state of Oregon has reacted to unilateral action on gay marriage further proves the reasoning behind those against it upping the ante to state constitutions and not leaving it with statutes.

SALEM, Ore. (AP) – The Oregon Supreme Court on Thursday nullified nearly 3,000 marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples by Multnomah County a year ago, saying a single county couldn’t take such action on its own.

The court said while the county can question the constitutionality of laws governing marriage, they are a matter of statewide concern so the county had no authority to issue licenses to gay couples.

The court noted that last November, Oregonians approved a constitutional amendment that limits marriages to a man and a woman. The court also said that long before that vote, state law had set the same limitations on marriages since Oregon became a state.

“Today, marriage in Oregon – an institution once limited to opposite-sex couples only by statute – now is so limited by the state Constitution as well,” the court ruling said.

Despite a law against it, the county appealed to the state constitution for their actions. This is why the stakes got higher and it fully legitimizes the push for constitutional amendments. In Georgia, homosexual activists have argued that since we already have a law against it, we didn’t need a constitutional amendment. This puts the lie to that line of reasoning.

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