Having been so busy …
Having been so busy yesterday, I didn’t have time to post my call to Bill Bennett in a timely manner, so here it is now.

Bill had compared the reactions to the Newseek “Quran flushing” story and the CBS “fake memo” story, and thought the former was more a reaction to the media, while the latter was a reaction to Dan Rather specifically. He had a point, but I called to note that I thought a good portion of the reaction was to the media as well, since the “myopic zeal” the CBS had while pursuing that story was an epidemic throughout most of the mainstream media. As my example, I noted that Michael Isikoff, who was on the “Quran flushing” story, had bigger and better-sourced stories spiked by Newsweek and a newspaper he used to work for. Bill corrected me, noting that it was the organizations that spiked the story, not Isikoff himself. In any event, while Dan Rather was a lightening rod for conservative criticism, I think much of the reaction was to the media in general, and explains why their numbers are dropping.

Listen to “Considerettes Radio”! [This recording from Bill Bennett’s Morning in America (WGKA, Atlanta, GA on 5/23/2005 7:55am EST (362K).]

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