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On “Considerettes Radio” today, the topic was (among other things) China. When I last talked to Bill Bennett on this topic, I said that there were people on both sides of the China debate (“engagement” vs. “isolation”) that I respected, and I had a tough time deciding which way I thought we should go. This morning, Bill talked to Arthur Waldron, VP of the International Assessment & Strategy Center who said, among other things, that the human rights situation in China is as bad as it’s ever been. It appears that our policy of engagement there hasn’t reaped many benefits, so I said that this is making me lean the other direction; a direction Mr. Bennett is leaning as well.

However, I’m including in this clip the first bit from the next caller, who does make a good point that things may be shifting in China. My question would be, “but are they moving as fast as they could be?”

Listen to “Considerettes Radio”! [This recording from Bill Bennett’s Morning in America (WGKA, Atlanta, GA on 8/1/2005 8:37am EST (226K).]

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