“Considerettes Radio…
“Considerettes Radio” expands its horizons to Bill Bennett’s morning talk show “Morning in America”. One of Bill’s regular guests is Lucianne Goldberg who comments about politics and the culture. Today she mentioned Dick Morris, who has made some predictions about Hillary Clinton, her possible aspirations for the presidency, and how she will be reacting to a Kerry campaign if, by his winning, it would keep her out of the running in 2008. I was really interested in Morris’ columns when I first read them, because of how tight he was with the Clintons when he worked for them yet how critical he was of them. However, some things he’s said and predictions he’s made make me wonder just how well he really knows them.

“Considerettes Radio” on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America (WGKA, Atlanta, GA) 7/6/2004 7:50am EST (352K)

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