My blogger-in-law Ji…
My blogger-in-law Jim Jewell did his civic duty this week and was the foreman on a jury. His post about the events of the trial is here, and here’s how he ends it.

But the trial will not go away in my mind. Surprisingly, it is a heavy weight to stand in judgment on another human being. There was a solemn responsibility that we felt to rule justly. We recognized that we would be altering the life of this generally likeable man—he didn’t have any previous convictions—if we found him guilty. But he had clearly snapped, and may do it again and put these women in further danger if he was not punished for what he had clearly done.

I prayed for Alfie last night, that God might be with him and redirect his life. And I prayed for peace in the family.

Some might wonder why it had such an effect on him, since it was “just” another domestic violence case. However, while I’ve never sat on a jury myself, I can understand his sentiments.

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