Requisite “Michael J…
Requisite “Michael Jackson” case blog post

  • You don’t determine someone’s credibility by whether or not they snap their fingers at you. One juror seemed fixated on that.
  • You don’t determine someone’s credibility by the fact that they look at you, the jury, while they’re testifying. Another juror seemed fixated on that. Police are often taught to do just that to enhance their credibility to the jury.
  • One juror said that while he believes that Michael Jackson is a child molester, the evidence in this case wasn’t enough to convict. I respect that, and if that’s what he believes then he made the right decision. That would have to be a very tough call to make.
  • I think Michael Jackson, at this stage of his life, is in full “Howard Hughes” mode. All the yes-men and yes-women around him will continue to ignore his eccentricities and destructive behavior as long as the paychecks keep coming. Anyone brave enough to confront him will be discounted out of hand since all these other people don’t complain.

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