Michael Newdow, he o…
Michael Newdow, he of “under God” infamy, lost a bid to end the prayer at presidential inaugurations. And from the 9th Circuit no less. This time around they said that he did not suffer “a sufficiently concrete and specific injury” to pursue his case.

I gotta wonder what the sufficiently concrete and specific injury was for his daughter to hear the words “under God”? And I wonder (though this might be beating a dead horse) if seeing nudity on broadcast TV, when none is expected, is just as sufficient and specific. Would the 9th Circuit let me sue Janet Jackson and/or MTV? Sneaking something up on me that I don’t want my children to see, or to see myself, is more of an issue than is hearing the idea that some people believe in God, yet the folks cheering on Mr. Newdow would doubtless regard me with contempt.

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