“What did we do befo…
“What did we do before the Internet?” That was the question of the day at the house. Our cable was out for over 8 hours today, taking the TV and broadband Internet connection with it. I found it interesting how many times we did something expecting them to work. My wife turned on the TV a couple of times and sat down to read E-mail once, and then realized that things weren’t happening. I was trying to work from home, but that didn’t work out too well with no connection to the outside world. (Dial-up would’ve tied up my home phone all day. Not a good idea.)

The question “What did we do before X?” is always an interesting question, and interesting to see how it morphs from one generation to the next. “Cell phones” is something I ponder when I hear someone talking to himself in the elevator or the bathroom. “Laptops” is another, when I’m on-site at a client and I have everything I need right with me. “E-mail” is one of those I think about when I write to someone in Indonesia, and they get it in minutes rather than a letter that would take weeks.

And when some of these things are taken away temporarily, we, for a few brief moments, remember. >grin<

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