No, not a death in t…
No, not a death in the family, although sometimes it feels like that. No, this time it’s a couple of dead hard drives. From my main PC.

Did I have backups? Oh yeah, I had backups running nightly of the most important data. I have another machine (running Linux) that would backup all the machines on the network to other machines. Unfortunately, this job kept on running faithfully even after I unhooked the main PC from the network. I wrote the script, and was pretty proud of it. Unfortunately, there’s little to no error checking. Thus, even when it couldn’t connect to the PC, it tried to back it up, and thus faithfully backed up…nothing. And of course, even though I keep two copies of the backup automatically, after two days, both copies were nailed.

You know that knot you get in your stomach with bad news? Yeah, that’s me. 24 hours a day.

Blogging will be light for the next few days, and nonexistent next week while recovering from this take precedence (not to mention vacation). This summer has been a busy one, both at home and at work, and the blog volume has suffered, I’m aware. Apologize (to both of you) for that, but them’s the priorities. >grin< Thanks for continuing to stop by, even with the uneven postings.

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