Yesterday, on the dr…
Yesterday, on the drive home, I talked to Kim Peterson on the radio about the fact that many Democrats who want to blame the President for moving too slowly in response to hurricane Katrina were also complaining that the President moved to fast in anticipation of hurricane Charley one year ago. It doesn’t matter what Bush does, he will still come up against criticism. Keep this in mind when the “Katrina Commission” is talked about by Democrats. There ought to be one, but President Bush is holding back on the idea of an independent commission at this point, preferring to conduct his own investigation (at a later date, while the tragedy isn’t still in full swing), while the Congress is going to hold its own as well. Can you blame Dubya, though? If the commission has these kinds of “multiple personality Democrats” on it, you can’t possibly expect to have fair hearings.

Listen to “Considerettes Radio”! [This recording from The Kim Peterson Show (WGST, Atlanta, GA) on 9/6/2005 5:45pm EST (205K).]

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