The Pope tries to re…
The Pope tries to reclaim the language.

In a message to over 250 Catholic bishops at the Vatican today, Pope Benedict XVI said it was hypocritical to exclude God and religion from public life.

“A tolerance which allows God as a private opinion but which excludes him from public life, from the reality of the world and our lives, is not tolerance but hypocrisy,” the pope said in the homily he gave at a three-week-long synod’s opening mass in St Peter’s Basilica. “When man makes himself the only master of the world and master of himself, justice cannot exist. Then, arbitrariness, power and interests rule.”

In practice in America, it’s not just “god” in general that “tolerance” folks are against; only that regarding the Judeo-Christian God. Sensitivity to others abounds, but not for the religion of most Americans.

And indeed the words about shifting standards ought to be common sense. Unfortunately, it’s not all that common. When there is no higher standard, there is no standard. This goes for ethical law as well as civil law. Just ask the folks in New London who lost their property to the highest (tax) bidder.

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