The London Times is …
The London Times is reporting some very disturbing news from that bastion of European sophistication, France:

  • British war graves were desecrated in northern France, painted with, among other things, “May Saddam prevail and spill your blood”.
  • This is apparently not an isolated case of French extremism. A poll in Le Monde says that a third of the French are hoping for a victory by Saddam Hussein.

The French anti-war movement has been exposed to be as much a pro-Saddam movement as anything else. If they’re really for peace, why would they prefer a murderous dictator be left in power? That’s not peace! That may be the absence of a fighting war involving an outside country, but it’s by no means peace.

It’s about time the “peace” protestors defined their terms. There’s been war going on in Iraq for decades. But it’s all been internal, and apparently this doesn’t fit the definition of “war” for far too many. But, as has been noted, as many, or more, people have died every year in Iraq since the Gulf War than died in the Gulf war itself! Allowing that to continue, and in fact hoping it does, is the height of hypocrisy and contradicts any supposed peaceful intentions on the part of those who wish for that.

And this from an alleged “ally”. The next question is; how much of that sentiment has permeated the US “peace” movement?

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