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I was on vacation most of last week, and lacking phone access, but I did make one entry during that time so I could get it posted upon my return.

April 9, 2003, 7:18pm

I’ve been watching all day what’s been going on in Iraq today; namely the symbolic fall of Saddam Hussein, as the people of Baghdad, with a helping hand from coalition forces, took down a relatively new statue of the man. It ain’t over ’til it’s over, as an embedded Yogi Berra might say, but the pictures today coming from all over Iraq certainly aren’t what Bush’s nay-sayers had in mind when they were saying their nays 3 weeks ago (and for many, as recent as 1 week ago).

On the O’Reilly Factor this evening, Bill and two others (Dick Morris and Douglas Brinkley, PhD) were discussing winners and losers in this. Losers included network media, the UN, the Democrats in general (and vocal anti-war ones in particular), and Vladamir Putin. Winners included the president of Spain (who stuck his neck out in publicly standing with the coalition), Tony Blair, and Hillary Clinton. Hillary was a winner because she voted for the “use of force” resolution, and then completely shut up on the issue while fellow Democrats dug their holes deeper with every nay. However, I wonder how long the attention span of the Democrat base will be. Will they realize that these folks just don’t understand the world as it is today, and that they have no idea how silly predictions of World War III sound (so soon after making the same predictions before Afghanistan)? I hope they remember, but I’m not holding my breath.

My pick as a big loser in all this would be the alleged “peace” movement. The longer the war went, and the more they protested, the bigger Bush’s numbers got. I think they were hoping to create another Vietnam-era groundswell, but they failed in a huge way. Some in the “peace” movement that went to Iraq as human shields were directly exposed to the most potent remedy for their idealism: reality. Once they saw the real Iraq, and real people telling them about their real suffering, they realized the folly of promoting a “peace” that merely meant continued killing and rape and torture. They realized that real peace, in these situations, comes from victory, not simply a lack of fighting.

Here’s hoping it’s over soon, and the people of Iraq can get to the business of self-government.

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