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Back from vacation today, just in time for the Democratic Convention (or, as Limbaugh puts it, “The Snow Job in July”). I’ve heard just a few clips of what was said last night by the heavy hitters, and so I don’t have any comments of my own about it. However, I heard some good remarks from callers to Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” talk show.

  • Bill Clinton said that we’d done it the Republican’s way for 12 years, the Democrats way for 8, then the Republicans way for 4, and when it’s done the Democrats’ way thing turn out better. So consider that after 12 years of Reagan then Bush 1 the economy was in ascension like it hadn’t been for a long time (certainly far, far better than doing it the Democrats’ way under Carter). Then Clinton inherits a fantastic economy and rides it like it’s his, only to hand off a declining one to Bush 2 (all the stats say so). Bush 2 inherits that, and then 9/11 smashes the economy even further, and he’s turned it around. OK, so who’s way is better? Not to mention that Clinton’s trying to claim that 1 simple, small tax cut destroyed 20 years of economic progress. Yeah, right.
  • Saddam Hussein invaded his neighbor. We went in to kick him out with a large coalition. UN resolutions were passed against him (all ignored). Hussein used loopholes in the ceasefire agreement to continue his reign of terror against his own people. More UN resolutions ignored. No fly zones ignored, and our guy are getting shot at. Oil for Palaces Food props up his regime. More killings. The taxpayers supporting two carrier contingents to keep him in line. More UN resolutions ignored. Finally George W. Bush goes in, takes out Hussein, kills his heirs apparent, turns the government over to the Iraqi people and (and this is the kicker) ends the war! The Gulf War that started over a decade ago that ended with a ceasefire agreement (just a ceasefire agreement, not a war-ending treaty) was ended by Dubya. Shouldn’t “peace” activists applaud this?
  • Dubya was excoriated for his minimal military service, while Kerry was said to have shown up with his country needed him. Kinda like Bush 1 being a fighter pilot while Clinton was a draft dodger, eh?

And I read this line from an AP article:

“Lt. Kerry was known for taking the fight to the enemy,” said the Rev. David Alston, who served on a Vietnam swiftboat commanded by Kerry a generation ago.

Kinda like taking the fight to Hussein & al Qaeda in Iraq? Yup. And this line from Clinton was a doozy.

“They need a divided America but we don’t,” the former president said of the Republicans who have held power for four years.

How in the world can you possibly say (or believe) that a wartime President wants (needs?) a divided America? That’s insane! And this coming from the convention of the party that seeks to divide people based on race, income, age, and any other demographic you can name, and that lives for class warfare? Ever luvin’, if you fall for that line you aren’t paying attention.

And speaking of hypocrisy, from the same article…

What passed for controversy at the Democrats’ unified convention was stirred by Kerry’s wife. She told a persistent reporter on Sunday to “shove it” when he urged her to expand on her call for more civility in politics.

“I think my wife speaks her mind appropriately,” Kerry told reporters who asked about the exchange between Teresa Heinz Kerry and the editorial page editor of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

You’ll never hear Laura Bush say something like that.

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