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I sometimes listen to the local Air America station when the other two talk stations I typically listen to are at commercial (and when I can bear the vitriol). Well, looks like I won’t be able to do that anymore. The ratings were so poor in Atlanta that a new owner is buying the station and removing all AAR programming except for Al Franken.

The article notes that WWAA, the AAR affiliate, was tied with WGKA, the main Salem Radio Network station I listen to, in the most recent Arbitron ratings, so WGKA is just as low. Though that’s with far less media coverage than AAR got when it got going. The individual shows, nationally, are generally doing better on SRN than AAR (for example, Bill Bennett and Al Franken started their shows at the same time, but Bill’s beating Al quite well). WGKA has had more of a billboard campaign than WWAA. Heck, I didn’t even know WWAA existed until someone told me about it. Of course, I travel through the more “red” areas of Atlanta during my commute, so that could explain why I didn’t see much in the way of AAR ads.

Anyway, while my earlier prediction of the demise of AAR proved to be wrong, losing a market like Atlanta doesn’t bode well for it.

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