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Quick on-vacation post due to the serious news this morning. I’m extremely thankful to the Britain’s MI5 for uncovering and thwarting this huge plot to blow up 9 or more international airliners. I’m extremely thankful to the British public that their Home Secretary credited with helping uncover it. I understand that a number of neighborhood residents, at least in the High Wycombe area, alerted the authorities when they saw suspicious activity.

Counter-terrorism is everybody’s business, not just the governments. The government can’t be your primary wall of security; you must be. Also, this highlights how incredibly wrong John Kerry’s assertion was that terrorism is primarily a law enforcement issue. Law enforcement comes after the law has been broken, not before. I’d rather the CIA and MI5 be on the terrorism case, not the FBI or Scotland Yard. Law enforcement is critical backup for intelligence, but we need to be more proactive in this effort. President Bush has come under fire for taking proactive steps in the war on Islamo-fascism. Perhaps we should be thanking him, instead.

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