I’m highlighting a podcast today because, well, I’m in it. And my contribution has nothing to do with the subject of the podcast. But, hey, it’s me, so I thought I’d mention it.

The Java Posse is a podcast for Java developers (or, as in my case, Java wannabees). I’ve been listening to them for quite some time, and there was something about they way they talked that caught my attention after a while; their use of the word “so”.

Often you’ll hear them say, “So the next news item…”, or “OK, so, the applet of the week is…”, where “so” is something akin to the use of the word “like” by teenage girls. What’s interesting is that many of the folks they’ve interviewed in the past, and many technology folks I hear interviewed on other podcasts, do the very same thing. I wasn’t sure if it was a regional thing, but the Posse has guys from California and England, so I don’t think it’s that. Could be a geek thing, but I consider myself something of a geek (though not necessarily a well-travelled one).

Anyway, I thought I’d have a little fun with it. I recorded their (first ever) audio listener feedback, and overused “so” myself, and I injected some examples of their usage as well (including one interviewee). I sent it to their group e-mail address, and the guys really took it well, in the spirit it was intended. They included it in this week’s news round-up. It’s not mentioned in the show notes, but about 55 minutes in (about 13 minutes from the end), they play it and comment on it. If you’ve not heard the podcast before, you won’t get the joke quite as much, so this pointer is more for regular Posse listeners.

If you’re not a listener, but you are a developer, and even if you don’t work with Java, this is a good podcast to pick up. They also touch on languages that play well with Java, IDEs, new applications and applets written in Java and a lot of other things. They’re not just language geeks. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

So, thanks Posse for including this, and glad you enjoyed it.

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