From watching the Republican debate, Mark Kilmer at Redstate notes some nuttiness on the part of the host.

Chris Matthews was moderating, and he used his forum to blast the Bush Administration in front of a group of Republicans who needed to keep their distance from that Administration. (NOTE: It was the same with Clinton (Bill) when he left office with half the contents of the White House in tow.) He asked Jim Gilmore if President Bush should shakeup his Administration. It’s not a question for a Presidential candidate, one who would serve after the Bush Administration had left town, but it was part of Matthews’ prank. He later asked Gilmore if he would keep Karl Rove in his Administration.

Is this the kind of shenanigans that Democrats allege would happen on Fox News, and why some of them decided to opt out? Fox-sponsored debates have had, as other debates have had, multiple questioners asking their own questions, and not just questioners from Fox. This one, however, essentially was a platform for Matthews to get in his digs. If MSNBC ever hosts a Democratic debate, it’s a safe bet that none of them will opt out. It’s not, by any means, a complaint about bias. It’s simply that Fox doesn’t drink the KoolAid ™ that apparently MSNBC has a fridge full of.

But we’re Republicans. We can take it. >grin<

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