The Democrats won’t put themselves in front of Fox News for a debate, but Republicans willingly subject themselves to blatant bias an unprofessionalism in debates hosted by the liberal media.

Chris Matthews has been fairly sedate and even-handed throughout the afternoon, but he just gave conservatives some ammunition by offering an editorial comment about an extended answer Fred Thompson gave on whether the feds should step in on a labor dispute.

Thompson initially just responded “no,” but then explained why he would not support a government intervention.

“You should’ve stopped at no,” Matthews told Thompson.

“Well, that’s your opinion, Chris,” Thompson shot back.

Ammunition, indeed. I’d say a bold admission of bias. As “sedate and even-handed” as he may have been at other times, this sort of pot-shot should never have happened.

But what’s really telling is what he said to Joe Scarborough that morning.

However, I do have one sensitive point and that is, I don’t mind being wrong — I try to be right. I don’t mind somebody saying I’m not fair — I try to be fair. … If someone says I’m not independent, it’s going to be very hard for me to bite my tongue. …
For twenty years I’ve paid the price of indepdendence. I’ve taken it from everybody … every night of my life for the past twenty years. …

If they accuse of me of being partisan, I’ll go rip! …

Sounds like he “ripped” before they accused  him of anything.  But that’s the liberal media for you; they don’t see their own bias as bias.

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