Once again, accordin…
Once again, according to Democrats, all the evils of the world began the day Bush was inaugurated. First they acted as if all bin Laden intelligence began coming in from the time W took the oath of office, to try and deflect anything from The Man Without A Legacy. Now Al Gore is implying that corporate shenanigans began only after a Republican plopped himself in the chair in the Oval Office. In a New York Daily News article, Gore claims, “You see now what it means to have an administration that’s that committed to fighting and working on behalf of the powerful, and letting the people of this country get the short end of the stick.” Is that why W didn’t move to bail out Enron? All his alleged commitment to fighting and working for Ken Lay was manifest in his not bailing them out of their own problems? Golly, I missed that subtlety.

Gore continued, “What we see now is a lack of confidence in our national economic policy, in the integrity of our accounting system, in the way government is being run.” Ah, so then these corporate execs lacked confidence in national policy and the way government under Bush was being run–the same Bush, mind you, allegedly “committed to fighting and working on behalf of the powerful”. So now Al’s saying that these CEO’s were both assuming they’d have the White House working for them, and at the same time lacking confidence in that same administration. And this caused them to hide billions of dollars! Of course! This seeming contradiction in motivations was the source of their greed! And see, it’s not their fault, it’s Bush’s, of course. Under some other administration, where lying was commonplace and the biggest corporate mergers in history took place, this never happened. Man oh man, Al’s blamed everything but tax cuts.

But wait…he does manage to work them in. He insists that these private companies “are not telling the truth about their future liabilities so they can shovel money out to executives at the top. That is exactly what the Bush-Cheney tax plan will do. They are misleading the country about the extent of the liabilities they are putting on us … on you.” See, tax cuts, giving every single taxpayer more of their own money back, is exactly like hiding billions in the Caymen Islands. (Truth be told, it’s spending, coming from both sides of the Congressional aisle, that are causing far, far more future liabilities than the tax cuts ever will. Al, of course, never talks about that.)

Expect to hear more of this nonsense as Election Day draws nearer. Al’s speech featured both internal contradictions and absurd comparisons. That will be the Democrat platform.

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