Homeschoolers gettin…
Homeschoolers getting public money? It’s happening in Florida.

Hundreds of Florida students are using more than $2.3 million in tax-supported vouchers to get home-schooling or attend part-time private schools — something state lawmakers insist they never intended.

According to the article, it wasn’t until the Education Commissioner was criticized about lax oversight that his department actually looked into this. (Par for the course in government.) So how will they deal with it?

Senate President Jim King, for one, has vowed to try to stop that trend.

“I don’t think that the intent of the McKay scholarships was to let parents home-school with public money,” said King, who ordered two voucher reports this summer that last month delivered stinging critiques. “That would be my feeling, and my vote, as well.”

If homeschoolers shouldn’t get public money to pay for education, then they shouldn’t be taxed for the public schools facilities they aren’t using, either. Let us keep our own money and spend it as we see fit. That really isn’t much to ask; it avoids the problem of government waste, keeps folks from whining over religious homeschoolers getting government money, and is >gasp< fair. I know all this efficiency is completely at odds with the way governments work, but that’s a feature, not a bug.

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