The Minneapolis Star…
The Minneapolis Star Tribune has a great article on how bad off governmental accounting is, in spite of all the self-righteous finger-pointing it’s been doing at the likes of Enron.

What would happen if government would first do an honest house cleaning itself before looking outward? Well, it won’t happen, and it’s not all their fault either. Those in the “what’s in it for me” constituency, who vote for the folks who’ll give them the most government money for whatever purpose, would hold sway with politicians who wouldn’t want to rock their boat. Conservative principles in government (in this case, fiscal responsibility) don’t get a chance if the voters don’t understand the principles. It’s more comfortable and much easier to understand (alleged) “free” money, “free” services and throwing cash at every nifty idea that comes along than it is to understand why it’s best to restrain government to its constitutional duties.

Of course, politicians that preach “free” money and “free” services aren’t helping, and could be considered the root of the problem.

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