Al Gore, in a honora…
Al Gore, in a honorable show of loyalty and honesty, came out publicly to endorse his former running mate Joe Lieberman for President. Lieberman’s stand on many issues is the same as Gore, and, in spite of Lieberman’s trailing in the polls behind Howard Dean, Gore said he decided to endorse the candidate on principle. The two men spoke for quite a while on the phone, talking about old times, and how this would be something like a Bush/Cheney v Gore/Lieberman rematch. “I’m happy to report that loyalty and integrity is alive and well in the Democratic Party”, Lieberman said to reporters after the phone call. “This simply goes against everything the Republicans have been accusing us of.”

Oh I know what you’re thinking. This couldn’t possibly have happened in the real world. Well, you caught me.

Al Gore, desperate for face time on the evening news, endorsed front-runner Howard Dean for President. How’s Joe taking it?

Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (D-Conn.) responded to his rejection by former vice president Al Gore with a sharp attack on Howard Dean on Tuesday, questioning Gore’s judgment and warning that the former Vermont governor would lead the Democratic Party back into the political wilderness.

But what about the issues?

Lieberman, who was Gore’s vice presidential running mate in 2000, said he was disappointed that Gore had not notified him before word leaked Monday and was shocked that Gore had decided to back Dean. “I was surprised that Al Gore would endorse a candidate who stands for so many things that Al Gore has not stood for, and has stood against in his life.”

Don’t these guys get along anymore?

Lieberman offered a curt description of the telephone conversation he and Gore had Tuesday. “It was four or five minutes in length — and too late,” he said.

Don’t they keep in touch?

Earlier Tuesday on NBC’s “Today” show, Lieberman said he was “caught completely off guard” by the Gore endorsement. “I heard about it from the media,” he said.

But doesn’t loyalty count for anything?

“I don’t have anything to say today about Al Gore’s sense of loyalty, I really don’t,” he said, “and I have no regrets about the loyalty that I had to him when I waited until he decided whether he would run to make my decision because that was the right thing to do.”

I’m so glad Al’s not the one making decisions as President, more so after this incident.

UPDATE: A “thanks” to Junkyard Blog for noting my (((shamelessly self-promoted))) entry. He notes, “but why is Lieberman so shocked that Gore has gone lefty?”, which is a good question.

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