Al Gore is giving a …
Al Gore is giving a big speech in New York on global warming today, right in the middle of record-setting cold temperatures in the northeast.

Accuweather is predicting the temperature will reach a high of a bone-rattling 14 degrees this morning – accompanied by snow and high winds – while Gore blasts the Bush administration’s policy on global warming.

However, the folks from, the extremely far-left organization that appears to be taking over the Democrat party, gave a telling quote:

“We don’t control the environment,” said Lisa Sabori, a public-relations official for, the group sponsoring the event.

She was referring to the weather on the day of the event, but I daresay it’s just as true about the weather in general. With all the mixed messages both science and the earth itself is giving us, we shouldn’t be making policy based on it.

“Maybe [the speech] won’t apply in New York right now, but Vice President Gore will be highlighting the effects of global warming in different parts of the world,” Sabori added.

So “global warming” may not be global, and it looks like it may not be warming.

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