How does Europe see …
How does Europe see America?

American society is entirely ruled by money. No other value, whether familial, moral, religious, civic, cultural, professional, or ethical has any potency in itself. Everything in America is a commodity, regarded and used exclusively for its material value. A person is judged solely by the worth of his bank account.

Poverty and inequality like this should cause Europeans to cringe in horror, especially since (we have it on good authority) there is no safety net in America, no unemployment benefits, no retirement, no assistance for the destitute–not the slightest bit of social solidarity.

Everywhere you go, violence reigns, with uniquely high levels of delinquency and criminality and a feverish state of near-open revolt in the ghettos. This last is the inevitable result of the deep-rooted racism of American society, which sets ethnic “communities” against one another, and ethnic minorities as a whole against the oppressive white majority.

An on it goes. Actually, this article entitled “Europe’s Anti-American Obsession”, written by Jean-Fracois Revel, a Parisian, is a deconstruction of the prejudices and misconceptions that are not only thought by many in Europe but are also fed to them daily by their media. The web page also has an article by Fouad Ajami called “The Falseness of Anti-Americanism”, which is also worth a read.

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