Are Southern Republi…
Are Southern Republicans racist by default? Byran Preston at Junkyard Blog points to an article that shows that thought to be a myth. And he encapsulates the whole upside-down notion that Democrats have been historically for minorities:

I have to say, one of the many reasons I’m a Republican is because I believe my party’s position and history on racial issues is superior to those of the Democrats. Our party was founded to destroy slavery; the majority of theirs fought a bloody war to preserve slavery even at the expense of destroying the Union. Our party has long fought against the KKK; members of their party founded and nurtured the KKK. Our party had no role in enacting Jim Crow; theirs created, enforced, and defended Jim Crow. The majority of our party voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964; the majority of their party did not. Our party believes in equal opportunity for all regardless of race; theirs believes in income redistribution and equality of outcomes at the expense of individual freedom and achievement. Ultimately, our party seeks to be truly colorblind and wants to create a society on that model; theirs cannot survive the creation of such a society for the simple reason that it depends on a coalition which must believe that government still has massive racial issues to solve into perpetuity. Without that belief, the Democrat coalition would fracture and ultimately dissolve.

Again, a knowledge of history is a dangerous thing for the Democrats.

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