Whites and Asians ha…
Whites and Asians have been removed from an anti-racism conference.

I’ll pause a moment to let the irony sink in.

Citing the idea that slavery was too painful a subject to discuss in the presence of non-Africans, a vote was taken, and the result was that all whites and Asians were voted out. Most walked out in protest anyway. Chairwoman Jewel Crawford of the United States defended the vote by saying, “the motion of exclusion was the will of the majority.”

I’ll pause another moment to let the irony sink in again.

I’m betting that at some point in our history, you could have said something similar about the issue of slavery, at least in some states. “The motion of exclusion [from the restaurant/bus/club/school] is the will of the majority.” But that doesn’t make it right, then or now.

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