I’ve been using Blog…
I’ve been using BlogMatrix’s RSS feed feature to offer that to folks who want to use a news aggregator to get Considerettes, but now Blogger, using a product called Atom, can create an XML feed based on Atom’s standard. While I’m not going to dump the BlogMatrix feed, the XML from Blogger will be more current, as it’s updated every time I post an entry, whereas BlogMatrix takes a page snapshot about once a day. Whatever works for you. Copy the link to either and paste it into your aggregator when it asks for a feed source.

I’ve tried using the Atom feed with an aggregator called BottomFeeder on Linux, and it doesn’t appear to read it quite properly. Some of the text is there, but not all of it. Strange. In any event, Atom has a list of Atom-enabled software that you can peruse and see what you like. (BottomFeeder’s listed, so I guess it’s supposed to work right. Hmmm.)

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