I have a Linux machi…
I have a Linux machine at home and one of the things I do with it is capture the audio stream of a number of radio shows with a bit of software called “Streamripper“. I like using it under Linux because I can run a periodic “cron” job to run Streamripper at different times during the day, rather than do it manually on a Windows machine. My wife asked me why I do this, and I told her it’s to record the hour or two of shows that, based on my schedule, I might actually call in and get on the air to say something. (I’ve actually been on the Sean Hannity show, but only for the 5 seconds each person gets during his “Trash the Lines” segment. I’ve also been on Doug Stephan’s “Good Day” a couple of times, but alas he doesn’t send out a Shoutcast-type audio feed that Streamripper could pick up.) If I do get anything on the air relative to things I’ve been blogging about, I thought it’d be cool to make them available here.

She looked at me, smiled, and asked with a chuckle, “Isn’t that kinda’ vain?”

I replied, “Well, no more so than having a blog.” >grin<

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