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One of the posts at The Corner shows an E-mail that Jonah Goldberg received from a gay person dealing with same-sex marriages. This person (don’t know gender, based on the E-mail) thinks that Andrew Sullivan’s remarks constitute “hysterical screeds”, but nonetheless is against the FMA. Here how it is put:

It’s not that I think support for gay marriage is a no-brainer. Andrew’s just deluded in thinking that way. But he’s right that the FMA singles out one group of Americans for permanent exclusion from an important civil institution, as if we were the lepers of the American polity.

So it singles out groups of 3 who want to marry? Or 4? Or members of NAMBLA to their “significant other”? Or perhaps guys who want to marry their horses? Yes, and 2 adults of the same sex as well.

But if it affects all those folks, can you really call it “singling” out?

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