Even I didn’t think …
Even I didn’t think the rush would come so early. Nevertheless:

The number of illegal aliens caught crossing into the United States increased dramatically just days after President Bush proposed a guest-worker program that would give legal status to millions of illegal immigrants now in this country, according to the union that represents the Border Patrol’s 9,000 field agents.

This is news, but it shouldn’t be. Bush needs to stick with conservative principles. Trying to make nice with Vicente Fox and pander to the American Hispanic community is only going to make matters worse for border states, not to mention that terrorists could be in this sea of humanity (the NY Post covered it back in April, 2003, and while you can’t go that far back for free on their website, the text of it is at the (currently on hiatus) blog Drumbeat).

Not to mention Mexican’s chanting “Osama! Osama!” to American soccer players. That gives me a warm fuzzy. Yeah, I want those fans streaming across the border.

Note to Dubya: Don’t try to out-liberal the liberals. They’ll still hate you with a passion, so you won’t pick up any votes from them, and the policies fail the smell test anyway. Now go do the right thing.

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