…and speaking of v…
…and speaking of vanity, here’s the first entry in what I’m dubbing “Considerettes Radio”. What I’m planning on doing is occasionally getting on a radio show and spew my right-wing venom discuss issues I’ve covered on this blog. What’s my purpose in doing this? I dunno, maybe hearing it instead of reading it will make it more persuasive. Or maybe I’m making audition clips for my own wildly popular radio talk show. Regardless, hope y’all get a little kick out of me making a fool of myself on the air.

This was recorded this afternoon on WGST on the Kim Peterson show. I talked about the topic of a previous blog entry where a woman from Boulder, Colorado said she handed out same-sex marriage licenses back in 1975 and stopped when, among other things, a man wanted to marry his horse. Items to note:

  • The item was not from a Boulder newspaper website, it was an AP news wire item on the San Jose Mercury News site with a dateline of Denver.
  • I was driving home from work, so I apologize for the stammering. (But I did use the hands-free earpiece on my cell phone.)
  • There’s a small skip in the audio where I mentioned that the state attorney general declared that marriage was between a man and a woman (but if you read the article, you knew that.)
  • My web host doesn’t do streaming MP3 audio, so you gotta download the whole enchilada before you hear it.
  • The clip comes with a free English lesson from Mr. Peterson himself.

“Considerettes Radio” on The Kim Peterson Show (WGST, Atlanta, GA) 2/16/2004 5:40pm EST (254K)

UPDATE: Much thanks to Junkyard Blog for the link here. Will we start hearing your voice on the radio soon? 🙂

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