It’s nice to know th…
It’s nice to know that Kerry is asking Democrats to stop the AWOL jabs at Bush, although I wonder who’s listening. Will Terry McAuliffe? Or how about the Washington Press corps (who (and I love to keep pointing this out) ABC News itself said has “a good number of biases and predilections”, all on the liberal side of things).

Kudos to Kerry. Now, let’s see if it makes any difference at all. It’s time to get our history straight.

Well, and perhaps Kerry needs a lesson in this area himself. In the same news article that reported Kerry’s wish to stop the AWOL charge, there was this:

Still, Kerry claimed Bush failed to apply Vietnam lessons to Iraq, and he referred derisively to “Richard Nixon and his war in Vietnam” – though it actually began under Democratic President Lyndon Johnson or, some say, President John F. Kennedy.

Seeing this doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy about Kerry truly giving Bush a fair treatment, although he’s working on it, it seems.

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