The U.N. has become …
The U.N. has become the crutch of governments with no stomach for doing what’s right if no one else is doing it. Saudi Arabia is now saying they’d be “obliged to follow through” and let their bases be used in an attack against Iraq if the U.N. gave the go-ahead. Obviously, if there were any principals involved in the original denial of base usage, they have fallen by the wayside, and now they’re hoping to at least be able to hide behind a U.N resolution and use the excuse “They made me do it!” with Saddam.

The “emporers” of the U.N. have no clothes, and any resolution they may come up with is see-through. Bush nailed them to the wall when he framed his argument in the context of the many resolutions that Saddam broke. Either those resolutions meant something, or the U.N. doesn’t mean anything. Either way, the folks too timid to take action had nowhere to run once their timidity (which was masquerading as “thoughtful deliberation”) was exposed.

Way to go, W.

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