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Further examples of the slippery slope that same-sex marriage is forcing upon us are documented over at Junkyard Blog. If someone were to ridicule you for connecting gay marriage to loss of First Amendment rights, loss of religious rights, and significantly higher taxes, they’d be wrong. It’s already happening. And Bryan says what I’ve been saying about the requirement for constitutional change:

We’re left with one option that will stop the coup, and that’s amending the Constitution in such a way that it keeps the courts from forcing gay marriage on the nation against popular sentiment. Such an amendment should leave open the possibility of allowing states to sanction gay marriage, for the simple reason that the people deserve to make that decision.

Although I’d have to disagree with him that some of this should be left to the states. The Full Faith & Credit bit in the Constitution makes this problematic. If one state sanctions gay marriage and another does not, you create a whole legal can of worms that I don’t think any of us really appreciate at this point. Up until now, the definition of “marriage” wasn’t an issue, and its inclusion in state laws regarding taxes, spousal confidence, and many other areas would create just as much legal havoc. If a crime by a married homosexual is committed in a state that doesn’t sanction such marriages, can their spouse be called to testify? Every state would have to reconsider reams of laws that, until now, have been well defined. The cries of “separate but equal” we keep hearing these days comparing marriage to civil unions would just continue then, and then the pro-gay-marriage advocates would take their case to the top. Nothing but a federal constitutional amendment will stem this tide.

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