Democrats in Georgia…
Democrats in Georgia are proposing their own same-sex marriage ban amendment. The article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution doesn’t really explain the differences in the bills, only that the sponsor, Rep. Jeanette Jamieson (D-Toccoa) “represents a conservative area of east Georgia, and said she doesn’t support same-sex marriage. But the lawmaker said she opposed the Republican measure because of ‘convoluted’ language that would have left the measure tied up in federal court.”

Later on in the article, though, some things come to light.

Without the support of at least one-quarter of the 71 Republicans in the 180-member House, the Jamieson resolution would have no chance of obtaining the two-thirds approval necessary.

But it would give Democrats the opportunity to put Republicans on record voting against a ban on gay marriage.

Because gay marriage already is illegal in Georgia, Democrats have accused Republicans of using the proposed constitutional amendment, which must be approved in a November referendum, as a means of boosting voter turnout among religious conservatives.

So the bill would allow Democrats to point fingers; political posturing instead of acting on principle. And, once again, they don’t really understand the issue, or don’t really want to address it. If the courts are usurping law by finding words in the Constitution that aren’t there, then, in order to prevent this, the Constitution must be changed.

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