Looks like, for all …
Looks like, for all their talk about wanting an amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage in Georgia, Democrats are being two-faced. Face #1:

State Rep. Jeanette Jamieson (D-Toccoa) introduced a proposal to ban gay marriage, accusing Republicans of authoring legally flawed legislation that would fail court scrutiny.

They say they want it. Now face #2:

Jamieson’s proposal, House Resolution 1470, would delete a key provision of the Republican plan, Senate Resolution 595. The provision, “Section B,” stipulates that Georgia cannot recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states and stipulates that no gay marriage “shall be recognized by this state as entitled to the benefits of marriage.”

Republicans now say they have the votes to pass the resolution, but House Democratic leaders say they will not let it out of committee until after the 33rd day of the 40-day session [the deadline to get legislation to the Senate]. Thursday was Day 29.

Instead, what they really want is a version that will allow for civil unions (marriage in all but name). And getting married would simply require a trip across the border to get married elsewhere before returning to Georgia. If they can’t have their way, the people don’t get a say in the matter.

Tying this up and perhaps leaving such an amendment for next year also gives time for judges to work their magic as well. The Democrats are certainly fearful of the ballot box.

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