Being on vacation re…
Being on vacation really does a number on two things related to blogging. Number one, it, of course, reduces the amount of time to do said activity. Number two, I don’t keep up with the news like I usually do, but then that’s what vacation is for. I certainly catch the news when I can, but generally big stories fly right past me.

(I got lucky on the President’s press conference. My father-in-law was looking to see if the Braves were playing that evening, and on our way to finding out that they weren’t, we noticed the networks breaking away to cover the President. Sometimes, it just works out that way. >grin<)

I know some bloggers keep up their usual posting volume while on vacation, but I’m not that addicted. Yet.

My second blogiversary is coming up on Sunday the 18th. I’m still officially on vacation although we arrived home yesterday, so I’m still not completely up-to-date on the goings on (although I hear Jamie Gorelick of the 9/11 Commission ought to be testifying instead of questioning–thank you Instapundit, one of my news sites). I hope to do a little research and offer you some fun little things for that occasion, so my web time will be spent preparing for that rather than trying to say something coherent.


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