Did appeasing terror…
Did appeasing terrorists in Spain work?

Police are also examining a fax threatening bloodshed if Spain does not pull its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The fax, handwritten in Arabic, was sent to a newspaper by a group calling itself Abu Nayaf al-Afgani.

The group claimed responsibility for the 11 March attacks, which killed 191 people, and for Friday’s foiled bomb attack on the high-speed train link between Madrid and Seville.

The group said if its demands were not met, “we will declare war on you and turn your country into a hell where blood will flow in rivers”.

Emphasis mine, and it can’t be overemphasized. Even if you think Iraq isn’t really part of the war on terror, you really can’t be paying attention if you think Afghanistan wasn’t. So if Spain’s willing to appease terrorists over Iraq, we’ll see how far they can be shoved. Will this mean any response to terrorism will be suppressed?

The answer, of course, is that it doesn’t matter what you do to to appease them, they’ll keep coming at you until they have exactly what they want. Only two things will stop them; a resounding defeat, or Sharia in Spain. Your choice, folks.

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