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The War on Terror’s latest battleground was in Madrid, Spain, but it looks, unfortunately, like the Spanish want to run up the white flag already. What happened last Thursday was most certainly a tragedy, but if it was al Qaeda, and if it was in retaliation for Spain’s help in Afghanistan and Iraq, then the ouster of the ruling party makes it look as though the Spanish have fallen for the European fantasy that if we don’t anger the terrorists then they won’t come after us.

The problem is, the more folks give in to the terror, the more of a threat terrorists pose. Their weapons are not bombs and planes; their weapon is terror itself. And now al Qaeda, and any other terrorist organization, knows that Spain is putty in their hands. Spain will be extremely reluctant to oppose them, and if they dare lift a finger to go after terrorists then a few well-placed bombs will bring them back in line. In casting their votes against a government that aided in the pursuit of the War on Terror, the Spanish have, quite literally, rearmed the terrorists. They have assured al Qaeda that terrorism in their country works to mollify them. In Spain, the terrorists have won, for the moment.

This is precisely what the result would be of the “peace” movement in the U.S. Terrorism thrives in an environment of people who will avoid conflict at any cost, and in the end the cost is paid in freedom. And the freedom lost is not just of those too afraid to respond, but of those under the control of those terrorists, those whom the “peace” activists did not consider worth rescuing. Ask Afghans or Iraqis whether or not they’d rather still be under the Taliban or the Ba’athists? The vast majority, now having freedom only dreamed of before, would certainly tell you they are glad to be more in control of their own lives. These people would still be ruled by fear or in mass graves had the “peace” movement had its way.

I hope it does not take another 9/11-sized disaster to wake up the Spanish. I hope that the election results were simply a result of the wounds being too fresh and the emotions still running high, and that someday they’ll take up the fight again. If not, terrorism has won the battle for Spain.

UPDATE: Michele Catalano identifies some other folks who lost in the Spanish election:

Unfortunately, their votes spell certain doom for other countries, other innocent people. It’s not hyperbole, it’s not some form of right-wing histrionics to cry that the terrorists have won, because they certainly did. They want the Popular Party out and the party that would deal a blow to the Iraq war in. And they won

Essentially, everyone lost, not just those in Spain and in countries currently under the control of terrorist sympathizers. If it worked in Spain, it might work anywhere, and so anyone anywhere opposing terror could now be the victim of the new boldness (and thus rearming) of terrorists.

See also my essay “When Would the Terrorists Win?”

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