Back in March, I sai…
Back in March, I said, “obviously the whole country [of Spain] didn’t vote for the Socialists, but there was enough of a crowd wishing to appease the terrorists that gave them the win.” Those Spaniards who didn’t want to pull out of the war included soldiers.

But as a small contingent of Spanish troops prepares to remove the last vestiges of the country’s 1,300-strong presence, there are whisperings of discontent from those now returned.

The previous prime minister, José María Aznar, contrary to 90 per cent of Spanish public opinion, committed the force in support of US policy.

Yet soldiers now regret leaving Iraq so hastily following Mr Zapatero’s election victory on March 11, three days after the terrorist train bombs in Madrid that killed 190 people and wounded 1,900. They also expressed disappointment over a lack of official recognition on their return and the public’s seeming willingness to forget them and their mission.

Does this sound like the airbrushing out of official pictures that the Communist Party used to do when some party members would fall out of favor? “We decided we didn’t like what you were doing (even though we, the government, sent you to do it) so we won’t even acknowledge your existence.” Not only are the Spanish Socialists cowards in the face of terrorists, they’re cowards in the face of their own people. These soldiers are now seeing the true results of the Spanish election.

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