Well this is hearten…
Well this is heartening:

MADRID (Reuters) – Several thousand protesters have taken to the streets of Madrid to back outgoing Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar and accuse the Socialists of exploiting the train bombings to win power.

“The elections were a robbery,” said high school student Maria Garcia, wearing stickers of Aznar’s Popular Party (PP) on her jacket, at the protest outside party headquarters on Wednesday.

“The Socialist party has exploited the subject of terrorism so that the PP would lose, after saying throughout the campaign that we shouldn’t use terrorism for political purposes.”

Obviously the whole country didn’t vote for the Socialists, but there was enough of a crowd wishing to appease the terrorists that gave them the win. I hope this vocal group will continue to be vocal, keeping the pressure on the new government, and steal the victory the terrorists may have won. The Socialists won their victory fair and square, but there’s no reason to let the terrorists keep theirs.

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