That was then (from …
That was then (from Kos at Daily Kos):

If the voters defeat the bond measure (and it’s still too early to predict one way or another), Arnold will be in a world of hurt. He will have no choice but to raise taxes (perhaps even the hated car tax) and make DEEP cuts in spending.

And if that happens, Arnold may not finish out the year.

Yeah, I know, it’s the same “that was then” clip I used last Saturday. But it’s more relevant today (as a bad example) because of today’s “this is now” clip:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has solid backing from California voters who say in two new polls that his performance is better than expected.

After six months in office, Schwarzenegger is winning praise across party lines and up and down the state, the San Francisco Chronicle says. His 65 percent approval rating in a Field Poll released Thursday is among the highest for any governor over the past 45 years.

Meanwhile, a Public Policy Institute of California poll also released Thursday shows similar rising approval ratings for the movie hero turned politician, with 65 percent of all California adults surveyed and 69 percent of likely voters saying they support the way he is doing his job.

On Saturday, I mentioned that California’s credit rating was starting to see progress as a result of Arnold’s policies. But then I said,

In one sense, kos may be right; perhaps the people of California aren’t enjoying what it’s taking to get out of the hold Gray Davis dug for them. But few people really enjoy the consequences of their excesses (or at least the excesses of those they elect to office). So that’s not really surprising.

However, as it turns out, people really do like the way he’s getting the job done.

(Enjoy the crow, Kos. I hear root beer makes it go down easier.)

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