Singapore has relaxe…
Singapore has relaxed some of its gum control restrictions.

Now, go back and read that again. No, there are no misspellings.

ULTRA-tidy Singapore is lifting its notorious ban on chewing gum after 12 long years – but only for registered users. Gum dealers face jail if they break the rules.

Before Singaporeans think about unwrapping a pack of the Wrigley’s Orbit gum that’s just started selling here – and only in pharmacies – they have to submit their names and ID card numbers. If they don’t, pharmacists who sell them gum could be jailed up to two years and fined S$5000.

Sort of the antithesis of our constitutional idea of limited government. Were we to start down that path with things like, oh, regulating the amount of water a toilet is allowed to use per flush, we’d be ripping apart our own tried-and-true constitutional republic and be well on our way to replacing it with this kind of onerous socialism.

Good thing we’re not doing anything like that. Oh, wait…

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