The first newspaper …
The first newspaper to endorse John Kerry for President was the Philadelphia News, and Hugh Hewitt interviewed Frank Burgos, the editorial page editor to ask him about that endorsement. He had quite a difficult time defending his points, and I took note of the dancing he did when Hugh asked him about the jobs that were created in the first quarter. The first part of this clip is the section of the segment where he tried to defend it when Hugh asks him how many of those new jobs are “good” jobs, even by Frank’s standards. Basically, he couldn’t answer, he couldn’t defend his editorial assertion. He finally said that we have to ask the American people what they think about the jobs. The second part of the clip is where I called and answered that question, and it’s not what Mr. Burgos was hoping. In fact, the editorial seems more of a description of what Mr. Burgos wishes were the case (i.e. conditions that would hurt Bush, regardless of the Democratic nominee).

“Considerettes Radio” on The Hugh Hewitt Show (WGKA, Atlanta, GA) 6/16/2004 7:05pm EST (554K)

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