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A Considerettes Correction: Last Saturday I noted a post by Captain Ed that there was news that David Alston, a Swiftie who spoke at the Democratic National Convention in support of John Kerry, might not actually have served with him, which is how he was billed. However, on NRO, Byron York sets the record straight.

In the last few days, there’s been a new accusation floating around the Internet about John Kerry’s Vietnam record. It involves speculation that David Alston, one of the “band of brothers” who served on board Kerry’s Swift Boat, did not actually serve with Kerry at all. If such a story were true, it would be sensational news, given that Alston has made extensive public statements, including a speech at the Democratic National Convention, about his time with Kerry. The only problem is, it’s not true. Alston did indeed serve under Kerry.

But the attention the rumor brought to Alston and his service aboard Kerry’s boat, PCF-94, has cast new light on the time the men were together. And it appears that while Alston was in fact on board PCF-94 when Kerry was in command, his total time of service under Kerry was quite brief — perhaps as little as seven days. According to records of Kerry’s service posted on his campaign’s website, it appears the two men were in actual combat together on two of those days.

Seven days out of 4 months is almost (tap tap tap) 6% of Kerry’s total time in action. Not much, but nonetheless Alston did serve with Kerry. But there is more to the story. RTWT.

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