Next, a 7-day waitin…
Next, a 7-day waiting period to buy…machetes?

A Second Amendment group says recent press reports out of Boston prove the point that criminals, not guns, are the problem.

“For years, the gun rights community has insisted that even if there were no guns, criminals would resort to some other type of weapon. The Massachusetts situation proves that point,” said Joe Waldron, executive director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

On Monday, the Boston Globe reported on the growing use of machetes by Hispanic gang members. One police detective quoted by the newspaper said in the past few years, police have confiscated at least 50 machetes that were used in crimes.

How can this be happening when guns are so well controlled? Another imponderable.

Several Boston-area communities have passed ordinances restricting or banning long knives.

“When are politicians going to wake up and understand that it’s not inanimate objects — whether we’re talking about guns, knives, clubs or rocks — but criminals that are causing urban and suburban problems?” asked Waldron.

Criminals are, in the case of both kinds of crime, the common denominator. Anyone listening?

Waldron also scolded news agencies for continuing to focus on gun crime despite a series of machete attacks. He pointed to an Associated Press report noting that “the surge of machete attacks has gained less attention than recent gun-related homicides in Boston parks.”

Waldron sees the AP’s admission as “proof positive that the media is more interested in demonizing guns than in focusing on violent criminals.” He said such news coverage reinforces “negative public emotion toward guns, while devoting much less attention to the harm that thugs can do with other weapons.”

Well, folks can’t be listening if no one’s telling. Thank you, “fair and balanced” media.

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