John Kerry says he w…
John Kerry says he would have implemented every last 9/11 Commission recommendation on the double. Well, probably not, since his buddies at the ACLU have a thing or two against some of them.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – The Sept. 11 Commission wants the government to expand the no-fly list airlines now check to keep suspected terrorists off planes, consolidating as many as 12 secret lists maintained by different intelligence agencies.

That worries the American Civil Liberties Union, which has already sued the government, saying the airlines’ effort to keep terror suspects and other dangerous people off planes ensnares innocent passengers and subjects them to unnecessary searches and delays. Also, the government provides no way for those wrongly named to get themselves removed.

I’m all for making it hard for the bad guys to get around, but the ACLU does appear to have some legitimate concerns. So isn’t Kerry’s remark, in addition to being an easy promise to make (because he doesn’t have to deliver on it), point out a recklessness that we don’t want in the Oval Office? Here’s what he said, from his own web site:

“We must act on the commission’s recommendations now, and keep working, without pause, until we have done everything possible to prevent another terrorist attack.

“That is why I support the 9-11 Commission’s commitment to continue pushing for progress and make sure its recommendations are implemented without further delay.

What’s Kerry’s position now? “I was for the 9/11 Commission’s ‘no-fly’ list before I was against it”?

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